Love or Like or Infatuation

Love is a four letter word with a deep meaning. We all have heard people saying ‘I Love U’. But do we really love the people to whom we say ‘I Love U’ or to the things we say we love this or that. If we had loved them at some point of time we would never hurt them. For example if we love a flower we wouldn’t pluck them instead water them to keep them from withering. That’s called love. If we pluck them then its called like. The illusion we have in our mind regarding some one that we love that people is called infatuation. Its nothing but your state of mind.

Sometimes we love a person wholeheartedly but for that person we are nothing but a simple friend. So instead of saying u that its your infatuation it would be better if that person accepts your love but reject you by saying ‘sorry, for me you are nothing but a friend’.┬áSo I would suggest before saying anything think about the other’s state of mind.Lov